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Slow Down Biological Ageing, Extend your Healthspan and Live your Life with Vigour.

An expert-led, science-based approach to guide you towards a younger, healthier you.

At Chi Longevity we offer a comprehensive 360- degree view of your health, with long-term solutions and strategies to reverse biological age from the inside, and lead a disease-free life for longer.

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Our Healthy Longevity Offering
Optimise Your Healthspan by Targeting the Ageing Process
Cutting-Edge Diagnostics
Using the most advanced testing methodology, we measure your biological age by determining your body’s biological clocks through science-led biological, clinical, and digital diagnostics.
Multi-Disciplinary Interventions
We devise a personalised intervention plan to reverse your biological age based on a multi-disciplinary approach. This includes prescribing personalised therapeutics, supplements, and lifestyle & social adaptations.
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A portrait of Prof Andrea B. Maier, a world-renowned geroscientist who leads all diagnostics and interventions at Chi Longevity.
World-Class Health Optimisation
Bespoke Solutions That are Expert-led, Innovative and Integrated.
World-renowned geroscientist Professor Andrea B. Maier advises on the programmes at Chi Longevity. Her ongoing research in geroscience and healthy longevity means that the centre can continually provide the latest advances in longevity medicine. She has published almost 400 internationally peer-reviewed articles, is a frequent guest on radio and television programs to disseminate ageing research, and sits on prestigious international academic and health policy committees and organisations, including the WHO. Professor Maier is supported by a team of health experts who assist in executing her vision and methodology.

Your Chi Longevity Journey

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Detailed Assessment

We perform a multi-dimensional biological, clinical, and digital diagnostic assessment to build your unique health profile so we can map out precise hallmarks of biological ageing. A comprehensive evaluation of your habits and preferences, such as sleep, diet, stress levels, and exercise regimen, is also conducted to supplement our analysis. We can then reveal the results and implement your healthy longevity plan of action for a younger, healthier you.

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Comprehensive Interventions

Once we have a deep understanding of the status of your current body, mind and preferences, we can curate your longevity strategy. This entails creating a personalised intervention plan, featuring not only therapeutics and supplements but also changes to your lifestyle, social, and physical environments.

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Regular Support and Reviews

Our team of expert physicians, dieticians, psychologists and health coaches will review and support your healthy longevity programme at every step. Remote monitoring technologies are linked to our advanced digital health dashboard to enable up-to-the-minute progress recording. 

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Once the initial regimen is completed, we evaluate your progress and observe changes in your biomarkers, biological clocks, and the overall ageing process. After a thorough analysis, our longevity specialists will devise a follow-up plan to  sustain your youth and health goals further.

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