Mind the gap: Life span vs health span

Having achieved our long-standing ambition of extending the human life span, we're now realising there's more to it; We need to prioritize not just the quantity of years but also the quality of those years. We need to extend the healthy life span - the health span.

September 19, 2023

Humans have enjoyed an unprecedented increase in life span over the last century. Through advances in medical science, many can expect to live life well into their 80s,90s, and beyond.

Yet having achieved our long-standing ambition of extending life span, we're now realising there's more to it; We need to prioritize not just the quantity of years but also the quality of those years.

The term 'Health span' refers to the years a person can expect to live in generally good health — free of chronic illnesses and cognitive decline. We now understand that extending health span needs to be at the forefront of our efforts. By focusing on extending the healthy years in a human life, we can aspire to a future where people not only live longer, but also lead more fulfilling, active, and enjoyable lives.

In Singapore, life spans have been steadily increasing since the 1960s and now stand at 84.8 years, one of the highest in the world. However, Singaporeans’ healthy life expectancy, health span, is only 74.2 years. The grim reality is that many Singaporeans are spending about 10 years of their twilight years in poor health. In the UK, it’s a similar story. Many people over 65 will be affected by arthritis (62.6%), high blood pressure (55.9%), respiratory disease (24.4%), cancer (23.7%) and diabetes (21.6%) [1]

As the gap between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy increases, healthcare and caregiving costs represent an unsustainable socioeconomic burden for society. Recent data suggests that by 2030, almost 25% of Singapore's population will be above the age of 65. Indeed, societies globally are experiencing a sharp rise in the number of older adults relative to therest of the population. Helping seniors to live longer, more active, productive lives is key.

At Chi Longevity we’re taking a proactive approach to optimising health before disease occurs. As Asia's first evidence-based & science-led longevity medicine clinic, our aim is to slow and even reverse biological aging. We are using a geroscience and longevity medicine based approach to achieve this mission; these paradigm-shifting concepts in research and medicine acknowledge that biological ageing is the greatest risk factor for chronic diseases.

Co-Founder at Chi Longevity, Professor Andrea. B. Maier, is a world renowned geroscientist. She states: “It’s an exciting time for advances in longevity research, translating cutting-edge results from animal models to humans and now spearheading the launch of Singapore’s first longevity clinic.

“I’ve spent decades dedicating my time to understanding ageing biology and chronic disease development and management, and we’re now at the stage where we can share cutting-edge diagnostics and interventions with the potential to prevent age-related diseases with individuals for the first time in Singapore.”

Led by Andrea’s indomitable expertise, we use the latest diagnostics including genetic, epigenetic,metabolic, inflammation and microbiome measures or “clocks” — to identify a client’s biological age before formulating a bespoke treatment plan. These interventions include geroprotectors (protection from ageing), specialised therapeutics, supplements and personalised lifestyle modifications based on unique clinical, molecular, and epigenetic fingerprints.  Successful clients have reversed their biological age by several years. Others have discovered underlying health conditions that they were previously unaware of and effectively addressed them in their early stages, preventing them from developing into diseases or inflicting substantial harm.

Peter Diamandis, longevity entrepreneur and author is recently quoted as saying: "Most of us are optimists about our health. We have no idea what's going on inside."

That’s where Chi Longevity steps up. We work with our clients to demystify the complex field of longevity research and choose the right diagnostics to discover exactly what’s going on ‘inside.’ We help our customers optimise their health span, so that they can extend their life span. The tools and technology of longevity already exist, we select the most effective and use them to help achieve optimal performance. With our help clients can Live more, Do more and Be more.

Interested? Optimise your health span and prolong your quality of life for as long as possible. Call 65565088 or contact us to begin your longevity journey.

[1] The National Institute of Health & CareResearch (NIHR) https://evidence.nihr.ac.uk

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